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Viewing the Stories

How to view the stories

There are three ways in which you can view the stories:

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How can I find the right story?

The stories have been organised in a number of different ways in order to help you find the story you need – you might want to learn about a particular genetic condition for example, or you might be interested in genetics stories that relate to a professional role. On the other hand, you might want to select a story that helps you in teaching about a particular issue, such as communication, or to support one of the nursing competences in genetics.

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What other features are provided with the stories?

A brief description at the start of each story is followed by the story itself. After each story, there is a section showing how the story relates to professional practice, by explaining how it links to one or more of the Nursing Competence in Genetics (NCG) statements. Every story also has links to a glossary of related terms. A special feature of the stories is the Story toolbox.

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How will the stories help me to teach, or learn about genetics?

The stories – from patients, family members, carers and professionals – form the heart of this resource, providing an opportunity for you to ‘step into the world’ of the storyteller and appreciate the implications of genetics for individuals, families and health professionals. These are interesting, powerful and often moving accounts of the implications of genetics for the daily lives of ordinary people, and the extraordinary way in which they often cope with this.

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