How will the stories help me to teach, or learn about genetics?

The stories – from patients, family members, carers and professionals – form the heart of this resource, providing an opportunity for you to ‘step into the world’ of the storyteller and appreciate the implications of genetics for individuals, families and health professionals. These are interesting, powerful and often moving accounts of the implications of genetics for the daily lives of ordinary people, and the extraordinary way in which they often cope with this.

Information for educators

Powerful though they are, by themselves the stories are helpful only for perhaps the experienced genetics lecturer who needs to use a story within a well-established teaching approach. For educators who may have limited experience of genetics within the clinical setting, or limited confidence in how to apply genetics to professional nursing practice, more guidance is needed. This resource provides that guidance. Further information about teaching genetics to health professionals is available from the NHS National Genetics and Genomics Education Centre website. The National Genetics Education and Development Centre also holds regular short courses on teaching genetics to health professionals. Course listings and updates can be found on the Centre's homepage.

Information for practitioners

These are not ‘text book’ scenarios but verbatim accounts showing all of the complexities associated with ‘real life’ and so present the situation as it would be encountered in professional practice. With limited access to mentors with experience in clinical genetics, the features associated with each story can help you make the connection between the story and genetics as it applies to professional practice.

The key features of the stories in this web resource are that they are:

  • Organised into themes to help inform lesson planning
  • Relate directly to genetics education frameworks for health professionals
  • Provide additional support for teaching and learning through features such as pointers for reflection and discussion, activities, and links to further resources
  • Available as a comprehensive, freely downloadable pdf document for each story

Tell us your story

We are always looking for new stories to add to this site, and are particularly keen to hear from more practitioners. Your colleagues can learn so much from how you’ve dealt with situations which involved genetics.

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